Small Sculpture: Bunny Suit


Hi. This is a small sculpture I made. Today's my birthday and I made this to keep. I love to look at the custom versions people make of those vinyl art toys. Instead of repainting a toy, though I just sculpted my own. They all look kind of like the old Weebles anyway, pretty simple to make. I made the sculpture out of Sculpey and Super Sculpey over a foil armature with wire armatures in the ears and arms. It's painted with acrylics. I still need to varnish it. He's about 4 1/2" tall, a totally lowbrow art toy type sculpture. A goofy little guy to sit on a shelf.

Bid on my artwork here.

Here's a Flickr photo set with tons of custom vinyl toy pictures. Dunny, Munny, DIY Qee, and any other designer vinyl toys you can find. Many of these are of toys that are 9" or taller, big enough to paint crazy detailing.


Blogger Nicole Caulfield said...

He is so funny. I like how he looks like your paintings but you can see the shadow of the figurine. At first I thought you painted a 2-D figurine.

Thanks for the smiles.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Bob Horner said...

Yea, it does have that photorealistic painting look. I even thought of making the painting after I saw how the picture came out. I'm definitely going to make more weeble-type sculptures. Thanks.

8:24 PM  

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