Daily Lowbrow Painting: New Face on Wood


Face 1, 4" x 7", acrylic on 3/4" poplar wood slab, ready to hang

Hi. I liked the face art card I made yesterday so much I decided to make a larger one on wood. I love close-ups like this. Remember in the old Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns with Clint Eastwood. They would show an extreme close-up of the faces of the gunfighters staring each other down. They'd be squinting in the sun and sometimes there'd be a fly buzzing around their face. A painting like this doesn't really blend into the background, but I guess most of my paintings wouldn't. They're kinda loud. I could probably make a ton of these faces without getting tired of them. I'll list this on eBay this week. Thanks for looking!


Bid on this painting here.


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