all seeing eye

Hi. This is a cut-out painting of an all seeing eye that would look good on your wall checking you out everyday. The eye sees everything you do. It's wired on the back and ready to hang. There's a little wood on the back so it kind of floats against the wall. Usually for my paintings I make one and when it's gone it's gone. However for this eye painting I'm going to make multiple copies. I made the original sketch for the eyeball and made a pattern that I can reuse. From the sketch I painted three eyeball paintings that I'm selling individually here. I will make more if need be. They're all hand painted and based on the same sketch. They all look nearly identical. I made three to start with and will make more if need be. The first one I sell will be numbered #1 on the back and I'll count up from there. I'm just saying this up front so someone doesn't buy an eyeball and then get mad because I relisted the same eyeball when they thought theirs was original. Thanks a lot!, -Bob

Blue Eye,
approx. 9.5" (diameter)
acrylic on masonite,
ready to hang, framing wire on back

This painting is available in my Etsy art store. My Etsy store can be found here:


Thanks for looking!
Bob Horner


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