A Painting A Day: Black Tooth and Old Shoe

Hi. This isn't a one day painting but today I finished a larger painting I've been working on for awhile. It was based on an old sketch. I was thinking of the Faustus legend when I drew it. Specifically of the Robert Johnson Crossroads legend of a bluesman selling his soul to play guitar. Lots of people paint the devil on a tree stump, probably because of that old Charlie Daniels song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and the "hickory stump" lyric. Maybe there's also a tree stump in the old folktales. This is about the goofiest devil you'll ever see though. He's in bad shape. The shoe is my old shoe. I'll show a close-up of it. This is probably my favorite painting that I've made. This pic is a little dark. I'll take a better one pretty soon. The left side has a faint shadow.



Black Tooth and Old Shoe, 22" x 23", acrylic on birch panel

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