Devil Twanger painting with "in progress" pics

Hi. Here's my newest splinterface painting with "in progress" pics.


Original Sketch. Devil with a butterscotch blonde Telecaster. Notice the fancy expensive drawing paper. This is a standard ruled notebook, not college ruled.


Here is the sketch enlarged and printed out. I also digitally squashed him down a bit to make him more squat.


Here the printout has been transferred to primed masonite and cut out with my bandsaw.


Now this is the tightened up finished drawing on the masonite.


Here's the first couple of colors painted on. Notice the fancy cardboard palette and enormous workspace.


Here's the finished splinterface painting. I named him Devil Twanger. Then I immediately dropped him on the floor and broke off his foot. He is now all glued back together and good as new, hanging on my wall. This one isn't for sale, he's MINE. But I'm thinking of making a bigger version of him to sell.

Lots of paintings are available in my Etsy art store. My Etsy store can be found here:


Thanks for looking!
Bob Horner


Blogger DKSmall said...

A larger one would definitely sell with all the guitar fans out there. Go for it.

12:54 AM  

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