new painting, no onions


Hi. Here's a small painting I made. It's 4 inches tall. I read about how some of the guys who painted backgrounds for old cartoons like Hanna-Barbera used sponges to apply the paint. So I made a stencil and cut out a few cloud shapes. So here's some sponged on clouds. When I was younger I didn't like onions in anything except for onion rings. This tiny painting isn't for sale. I might make something similar though to list.

I found a better way to take pictures of my paintings. They're still not perfect but they're a lot brighter now. I reshot a lot of stuff in my store. I also drew a new watermark signature type thing for my pictures like in the pic above.

Lots of my artwork is available in my Etsy art store. My Etsy store can be found here.


Thanks for looking!
Bob Horner


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