Lowbrow Painting: Fast Food Heap 2


Fast Food Heap 2, 6.5" x 5.5", acrylic on 3/4" poplar wood, wired to hang

Hi. This is another fast food heap similar to the one from a few days ago. This one has more stuff. The two paintings go well together side by side. They look like snapshots of the same heap taken at different times. Thanks for looking!


I listed a lot of art on eBay. Bid on my artwork here.


Lowbrow Comic Painting: Totem 1


Totem 1, 15" x 11.5", acrylic on 3/4" poplar wood slab, ready to hang

Hi. This is a brand new triple-decker version of my Splinterface wooden faces I was making a couple months ago. It gives them a totem pole look. Thanks for looking!

I also listed my 2 new small paintings on eBay with more auctions coming this weekend. Bid on my artwork here.


Custom Toy Lab

Hi. My newest custom Munny is now on the CustomToyLab.com website. You can also give it a rating. Check out my toy and custom toys from other people here.


New Painting: Thumbs Up


Thumbs Up, 6.5" x 5.5", acrylic on 3/4" poplar wood, wired to hang

Hi. New small painting. Nice and bright. Lots of colors. Thanks for looking!


New Painting: Fast Food Heap


Fast Food Heap, 6.5" x 5.5", acrylic on 3/4" poplar wood, wired to hang

Hi. Here's a new small painting. It's a fast food heap or maybe just fast food on a heap. I made a few paintings of different fast food heaps like this a couple years ago. The pink ground against the blue sky on this one brightens it up. I sanded the edges to give it a worn look. Thanks for looking!


New Custom Munny





Hi. Here's a new custom Munny, a custom vinyl art toy I painted. He's a brighter version but similar to my other custom Munnys. 7" tall. Like my other customs he's available for $150 shipped. Email me at BobHornerArt(at symbol)Yahoo.com if interested. Thanks for looking!


New 3" Custom Dunny w/ Decoupage



Hi. This is the first time i've used the decoupage on a small 3" Dunny. Working this small with the glued on paper was kind of challenging. Turned out nice though, I think. The white ear tips go with the white gloves. This was a custom commission, and Bob, he's on the way.

I'm available to make anyone a custom painted vinyl toy. For 7"-8" figures I charge $100 plus the cost of the toy (Includes U.S. shipping/insurance). For 3" Dunnys I charge $30-$35 which includes the Dunny and the shipping. Email me at BobHornerArt*at*Yahoo.com if interested. Thanks for looking!